Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Video Magic

As I was reading Sara's blog about her amazing Eastern Shore wedding, I realized that both of our Capital Award nominated weddings last year were filmed by Jenny Lehman. So I thought I'd give her an extra shout-out. I've been using Jenny for over a decade and her work is truly stunning. After seeing so many weddings (over 450 but I'm not counting anymore), it takes a lot for a wedding to make me tear up but Jenny's videos regularly make me get all misty. If you want really stunning cinematic video (no cheesy effects or painful interviews with guests), check her out. She uses real super 8mm and 16mm cameras if you want a vintage look (not a fake 8mm effect that I've seen some companies use--blech). She even is offering a cool short-form video for brides who want the best highlights of their wedding set to music instead of a traditional video.

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