Friday, February 27, 2009

The Corcoran is Back!

The past couple of years haven't been so good for wedding venues. We lost The Corcoran, Evermay, The Red Cross and now Halcyon House is on the market. So I was thrilled when Allie Gallo from the events department at The Corcoran emailed me to let me know that they will be taking wedding receptions again!

The Corcoran was always one of my favorite spots and over the past thirteen plus years I've done dozens of gorgeous weddings there. I love the dramatic columns, the fabulous galleries and the great staff. Although the Corcoran has rules like all museums, they are always so easy to work with. And for wedding planners, that goes a long way!

Here are some photos of my last wedding at The Corcoran, courtesy of the fabulously talented Bradley Hanson from Seattle, which was also the last wedding the museum did before stopping weddings. This year I had the last wedding at The Red Cross so I'm glad to know The Corcoran is back on the wedding market. I was starting to feel like the grim reaper of DC wedding venues!

So a big welcome back to The Corcoran! I know I'll be bringing brides there as soon as possible.



Gerry said...

How nice to see the Corcoran pics! Brings back memories as it was our first and last Corcoran wedding!

Anonymous said...

HELP!!! I'm having my wedding at the Corcoran. I'm so excited and so is the family. I seriosuly fell in love with the place! But I'm having trouble deciding on colors that will go with the color of the atrium. The wedding is in March, before the 21 so is it winter or spring?! Ahhh! Any suggestions?

Engaging Affairs said...

I'm a big believer in the power of lighting so if you want the walls to disappear, you can do lighting that will ignore them and highlight the rest of the room. If you want to work with the color, I think a lot can go. March usually is getting pretty Spring-like so I'd treat it more like Spring than winter. Whites and creams obviously work with anything. Green acts as a neutral in the floral world so greens and whites could be very clean and crisp. For more Springy color, you could add yellows and blues. Shades of red look amazing in the space if you want a more formal look (I've done reds in all seasons). Whatever you do, get lighting. That makes all the difference at The Corcoran! Good luck and call if you need help!

DC Uplighting said...

Great photos of the Corcoran! The pinspot lighting on the centerpieces looks really nice. So much you can do with lighting on those columns as well.