Friday, January 2, 2009

Baubles That Give Back

Our brides are always on the lookout for unique bridesmaids' gifts and we've found some that not only are unique, but the proceeds benefit charity (which we love). We are very into finding products and vendors who improve the world or help the environment, and these items certainly fit the bill!

You may have already heard about The O Bracelet because it's sponsored by Oprah and, well, that woman can market. The bracelets support women in Rwanda and Kenya who face ethnic violence. The women actually handcraft the bracelets and they (and their communities) are the only ones making a profit from the enterprise. The bracelets range in cost between $54-$350. There are several versions with semi-precious stones, as well as the newest design of mesh filled with crystals. To order, visit Macy's website.
Brighter Futures Project is another group that helps women through the sale of some pretty cool jewelry. Their bracelets are each $56 and are made by orphaned teen girls in Third World countries. The money supports these women as they transition from orphanage life to life on their own. The bracelets are made of semi-precious stones like amethyst, jasper, and tiger's eye and each one is unique. Each bracelet comes boxed with information about the project, as well.

These are both amazing projects that help empower women so please check them out!

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